What is going on? A Prophetic insight

I have been praying about everything that is going on with our nation right now and I believe I have heard from God about things that are going to happen. In the days of Queen Esther, she was raised up for her time to be a leader and a savior to God’s people, so God […]

Politics and the Church

I once heard a church leader say, “The next time I hear the Pastor talk about politics over the pulpit, I’m gone. The church is no place for that.” What she really did not like was the fact that the pastor said something contrary to her own political beliefs. It is impossible for a pastor […]

Why all the violence in our streets?

The violence we see in our streets are not protests, but vicious riots. The real instigators of the violence have no regard for the injustices to blacks, or the inequalities of the races. They are working behind the scenes toward a different agenda of social upheaval. Down through history these same tactics have been used […]

Covid-19 reality

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT COVID-19! When it comes to the Covid-19 virus situation, there is a lot of conflicting information out there. We need to have a source for accurate, timely information about what is going on. I have heard that it was deliberately caused, that it came from bats, that it was spread in the […]

Image used on “You were on His mind”

    I chose this image from NASA as the background for the cover on “You were on His mind” because it challenges the basic beliefs of how evolutionists believe the universe was formed. The more man explores the universe around us, the more our feeble attempts to explain it away as pure chance or accident […]

Looking for love in all the wrong places

God created mankind to have an ongoing relationship and continual fellowship with Him. It is an essential part of our makeup as human beings. We were never designed to live a life separated from His presence and we cannot ever be completely fulfilled without Him. When Adam and Eve sinned, they lost both fellowship and […]

What I Believe

What I believe song cover

What I Believe Copyright © 2017 William Lockhart I wrote this song while I was writing my book, “The Power in Believing.” It states the basic truths we as Christians believe. Many Christians cannot readily put into words what it is they believe. Singing is a good way to reinforce those truths that we all […]

Remastering finished

You were on His mind – Remastered I just finished up in the studio for the day. I was not really happy with the sound of the last version of this song. I went back into the studio and added another vocal part. Then I remixed it down to sound better on most portable devices. […]

You Were On His Mind

You Were On His Mind Copyright © 2019 William Lockhart I wrote this country gospel song while I was writing my book, “The Power in Relationship.” I hope you enjoy it.

Secret Place – on tv

Secret Place ©1998 William  Lockhart This is the track from the Herman and Sharon show when I did this song in 2005. I wrote it in 1998 after listening to Mike Murdock teach about the importance of spending time with God.