The Power in Believing

  Are you born-again but still having difficulty getting rid of the old habits you formed before you got saved? All behavior is driven by what you believe. If I can get you thinking right, it will revolutionize your life and change your destiny. Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”
The Bible is not just an ordinary book, but it is living and active, with the power to completely transform your way of thinking if you will only cooperate with it.
There is a Heavenly power all Spirit-filled Christians have available to them. This power is given to enable us to be Christ’s witnesses wherever we go. Why do so many Christians live defeated lives, never experiencing true power from the Holy Spirit?
What does this power look like? How do we appropriate it? It’s called:


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  1. Dear Bill, it thrills my heart to read the things written here. I am so happy that you are going forward in your calling.God is AMAZING! Sincerely, Linda (Bruce & Linda / Tennessee)

    1. It is great to hear from you again. I hope everything is going well for you.
      I have a few of my songs up, but many more are coming. I am still on the pastoral staff at Gateway Christian Center, in St Pete, leading worship.
      I had written these two books, but was not really going forward with them. Then I asked a Pastor friend if he would review them for me. He did and said they were the most powerful books he’d ever read. He is the founder of Faith Theological Seminary, here in Tampa. He wants to use them in the school curriculum. That got me motivated to get them published.
      I’ll be posting a lot more information and teachings on the site, so subscribe and keep posted.
      Love you guys.
      Now he has asked me to consider starting a new church with him. A “Cowboy Church.”

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