William (Bill) Lockhart

   My wife, Phyllis and I live in Tampa, Florida. We have fostered more than 50 children through the years and have been greatly blessed to have adopted our daughter, Abigail. She is a great joy to our lives.
I am currently serving on the pastoral staff at Gateway Christian Center, in St. Petersburg as the worship leader.
   I was saved in 1981 under the ministry of Pastor Sherman Owens, in Bradenton, Florida. I soon enrolled in Word of Faith Bible College. Later I also attended Life Christian University, in Tampa. I believe this gave me a solid biblical foundation, grounded in the scriptures.
   Now, with more than 35 years as a worship leader, songwriter, composer, bible teacher and now published author, I desire to share some of the things I have learned with others. I firmly believe that it is the duty of mature Christians to share what they have learned with those who will follow after us.

My Books

I have written two books that were published in January of 2020. They were written to address certain issues that I witnessed many times over the years.
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“The Power in Believing” – As Christians, we do not have to live our lives in fear, or addicted to anything. Jesus said that knowing the truth would make us free, but most Christians do not know how to attain the freedom He promised us.

“The Power in Relationship” – I have seen churches, ministries, businesses and families fail because they did not understand the value of the people God has positioned around them. God  loves us so much that He sent Jesus to the cross for us. Christianity is all about relationship. Those who do not understand this are headed for failure.

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