Millions of Christians in America and around the world are perplexed at what happened in the 2020 election. It was completely apparent that there was massive fraud to steal an election that was clearly unwinnable by Joe Biden. All true and factual indications were that Donald J Trump would be our president for another 4 years. Thousands of sworn affidavits attested to the fact that huge amounts of fraud took place. Any court that would have actually looked at the evidence in an actual hearing of the facts would have come to that conclusion, just like the one court that did found, but it was kept quiet by the lamestream media. The only way the socialist left could prevent that was to keep it out of the courts. They kept it out by using legal technicalities instead of looking at the facts.

Everything we thought we needed was in place. We had just witnessed 3 pro-life, pro-Constitution judges placed on the Supreme Court. A team of powerful attorneys and investigators were following up on the legal aspects of correcting the fraud.

I believe nobody, not even Trump knew the extent of the Deep State’s infiltration in our government, in our businesses, in our media and in our educational institutions. They have done everything they could possibly do to silence any opposing evidence of fact from reaching the public or the courts.

Anyone who questions the outcome of the election is quickly labeled an extremist, a right-wing radical or a terrorist. There are many on the left now calling out for Trump supporters to be rounded up and put in “re-education centers” for “deprogramming.”

Trump was America’s candidate, not the Globalist’s. He was the most pro-life candidate we ever had. He stood up for religious freedoms around the world, not just here in America. His administration brought true prosperity and energy independence to this nation once again. He recognized Jerusalem as the eternal capitol of Israel and supported the Jewish nation more than any previous administration. He is a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law.

So what happened?? Christians around the world were praying for God to move in this election and continue to restore the economies of America and the fortunes of Israel. Many prophecies from reputable leaders have gone forth saying Trump would serve a second term. I was one of them. I have been seeking God to find out what happened, and what we can do about it. I will attempt to explain what I believe God has shown me from His Word.

“He [God] changes times and seasons; He sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with Him.” (Daniel 2:21,22) 

Romans 13 says, “There is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

Obeying our government is a Biblical principle, but how can we obey a government that is so evil?? The Bible makes it clear that, ‘We must obey God rather than men!’ ” (Acts 5:29) When our government mandates something that is completely against God’s laws, we are compelled to disobey. We saw this happen during the civil rights movement. Even though the Bible recognized slavery, it never condoned it, made no law establishing it or protecting it. The evils it encompassed were contrary to the Word of God, so we rose up and conquered it, at great loss to this nation. Over 80 thousand people died to end it in the Civil War.

Again, we saw something similar happen in the early 20th century when the Nazis started persecuting the Jewish people. To most Christians it was no great concern. It did not affect our lives here in the U.S. of A. However, God said to bless and to pray for His chosen people. Soon, it was more than the Jews Hitler was going after and it grew into a world war. Tens of thousands of our young men died stopping the advance of the Nazis.

There has been an evil greater than slavery and as great as persecution of  the Jews. It has been right here in this country for nearly half a century, and most Christians have become complacent with it. Some have even defended it. God tells us several times that He HATES the shedding of innocent blood. Abortion has been legal in America since 1973. There should never have been a time the church has not fought against this great wickedness. Unfortunately, preaching against it does not fill the seats on Sunday mornings, so it is rarely spoken of in the pulpits of most churches today.

In 2 Chronicles, chapter 28, it says that God destroyed or displaced the previous inhabitants of the Promised Land because they burned their children in the fires as a sacrifice to their demon god. There have been other nations throughout history that have also committed this horrible evil. The Mayan and Inca of Central America did this and their civilizations no longer exist. Every nation that does this will be destroyed by God.

The Bible says it is righteousness that exalts a nation. Since abortion was called “legal’ our nation has been flooded with all sorts of wickedness. Homosexuality, lesbianism and transgenderism have been exalted as things to be celebrated. Child sex trafficking is rampant in our nation. Where was the outcry? The church should have been in our news and in our streets daily standing up against the horrible wickedness that surrounds us. There were some, but it should have been massive, demanding solutions. The church in America has a huge voice, but unfortunately we are too fractured to be an effective voice for righteousness.

We just had 4 years of a pro-life, pro-Christian administration. The policies Donald Trump put in place were arresting the perpetrators and rescuing hundreds of sexually exploited children. During that time, most churches were more interested in their own comforts, their church attendance, their “prosperity” or a multitude of other interests. Where were the massive rallies in support of the right to life for the unborn? We saw those huge rallies for President Trump, and there was nothing wrong with that, but there were none for the millions of babies that have been slaughtered in this country, or the children being exploited. Undercover investigators exposed Planned Parenthood for selling baby body parts for huge profits, and the investigator was prosecuted, instead of those who committed the crimes.

We are all created in the image of God. Our babies and children  are the most innocent. Aborting a baby or abusing a child is a slap in the face of God. Jesus said, “Whatever you have done unto the least of these my brethren, you have done unto Me.” He takes it personally when we do not stand up for the innocent.

Psalm 94:16-17 asks the question, “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? Unless the Lord had been my help,
My soul would soon have settled in silence.”

The workers of iniquity want us to settle down and be quiet. Wickedness thrives when the righteous are silent. The only thing that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to say nothing and do nothing. We can not afford to be silent any longer. We must continue to raise our voices in the courts of public discourse. When we do so, God will be our defense.

Psalam 94:20 “Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by law, have fellowship with You? They gather together against the life of the righteous and condemn innocent blood but the Lord has been my defense and my God the rock of my refuge.
He has brought on them their own iniquity and shall cut them off in their own wickedness; the Lord our God shall cut them off.”

The battle we must fight is not a physical altercation but a spiritual one. If we do not stand up and say something about this evil in our land, we will go the way of the inhabitants of the land of Canaan. We will become a memory in the history of the world, just like the Incas and the Aztecs before us.

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