Kim Clement was recognized internationally as a modern-day prophet of God. When I went back and listened to prophecies given by Kim in 2007 – 2012, I noticed several things that stood out.
1.) He said Donald Trump was called by God to “Restore the fortunes of Zion.” Trump was the most pro-Israel president we ever had and his policies did more for the fortunes of Israel than anyone before. He was also the first foreign leader to recognize Jerusalem, the true “fortune of Israel,” as their eternal capital and moved our embassy there. This prophecy has come true.
2.) Kim also prophesied that people would say, “There are two presidents. How can this be?” Since the election, whether it is true or not, there have been many theories out there that the election was actually won by Trump and yet Biden got inaugurated, making him a fake president. Some are even referring to Mar-A-Lago as the Winter White House. Kim did not say there would BE two presidents, only that people would SAY there are. This prophecy has come true.
3.) Kim also said God called Trump His “David.” Hearing this, I started looking at the life of King David and discovered some striking similarities.
A.) First of all, David was not of the royal bloodline, which made him a political outsider, just like Trump. As an outsider, he gained great favor with the people of the land, but not with the royal household.
B.) David was called out and anointed to be king years before he came to the throne. Trump was also called out by prophecies as anointed to become president, also years before he was elected to office.
C.) King Saul tried to ruin him, even trying to kill him several times, but he not only survived, but thrived and the people rallied behind him. Trump has had one continuous attack trying to destroy him from the day he said he was running for office. There have even been attempts on his life.
D.) Once David was made King his immoral deeds were exposed, but God dealt with him and forgave him. Trump’s immoral deeds were also exposed, but the church leaders, instead of crucifying him, came to his side and helped him to receive forgiveness and the blessing of God. Neither of these men were disqualified to rule their land because of this. Both received the forgiveness and blessing of God.
E.) During King David’s reign, his own son, Absalom, tried to overthrow him and take his throne. So many people and military leaders followed Absalom, that David had to flee from Jerusalem and go across the Jordan river for safety. Absalom, got himself illegitimately declared king and reigned a short time as a fraudulent king. (Two Kings??)
F.) King David had people working behind the scenes to expose Absalom and take back the throne. The military leaders still loyal to him were able to turn the tide and regain Jerusalem and the throne for King David. David then refused to return to Jerusalem until the people asked him to come back and be their King again. Right now, we have  usurper in the White House, acting like he is king of America, handing out executive orders like a dictator. Our true leader is outside the political theater, but still very mush involved in what is happening. I believe there is coming a time when the people of America will rise up and demand the usurper president be removed and our legitimate POTUS returned to the Oval Office. No one knows the time, but I do not think for one minute that Donald Trump is finished.
4.) Kim Clement also prophesied that Trump would serve TWO TERMS. The left is doing everything they can to dishonor him, to bankrupt him, to discredit him, to prevent him from having any influence in the political arena. They will fail. Everything they do to him will only serve to unite a multitude of Americans in support of him. They will even try to kill him, but will not succeed. God is not finished with Donald J Trump yet. He is not our savior, but our savior is still using this man. Let us not be quick to jump ship.

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  1. I follwed Donald Trump and like many others , believed in Donald Trump . However the one thing in particular that made me question him was his approval and support of the Covid vaccines. That was where I drew the line and also where my doubts crept in until I could no longer believe in him ?
    In plain language please give me your view on this and perhaps even offer a glimmer of hope !

    1. Sorry it has taken so log to reply. I also am not in agreement with DJT about the vaccines. He has all these “medical professionals” around advising him. He is not a doctor, but a business man and a politician. Just because we disagree on one subject does not mean we stop supporting him on the rest that we do agree on. There are many people around him that will be persuading him to take another look at the problems with the vaccines and how this whole covid scam has taken place.

    2. We were ALL DECEIVED by the lying Fauci, Birx, and all those saying he wasn’t following “science”. Fauci is STILL saying if people criticize him, they’re criticizing science. Also, those who were loyal to Trump, have said he was surrounded by enemies. And Trump actually said when asked what it was like to be president…He responded…”Lonely and mean.” He also PUBLICLY stated that he felt there were BETTER TREATMENTS than injections.

    3. I don’t understand either but President Trump has been given the plan by God. I don’t think he would deviate from what God wants him to do. There has to be a reason that he said that about the vaccine. From what I’ve heard he has been in control behind the scenes for awhile. He is Commander in Chief. For all we know, he could have replaced the vaccine with a mixture of Ivermectin, Vitamin D and Zinc. I trust him. He’s anointed by God. He knows what he’s doing. Above all, keep having faith, pray and trust the plan. Its God’s plan. It’s 5D chess. God bless. 💕🙏🌪🇺🇲

    4. For those confused about Trump’s answer to David Harris Jr in regards to the vaccine and how he said it saved lives and that he got it…

      My .02

      The vaccines DID save millions of lives….it did this by giving people the confidence to go back to work, quit staying home, quit wearing masks all day long, start socializing again, etc. If people didn’t do that, this economy would CRASH and the deaths would be easily in the millions. The vaccine itself didn’t save lives, the idea behind it did. Remember all of the people dying from suicide, drug overdose etc during the lockdowns? Remember, during the 1918 flu, people didn’t die from the flu, they died from bacterial pneumonia most likely from wearing masks all day long. Approval of the vaccine helped the country to get rid of many of these problems that led to unnecessary deaths prior to approval.

      Just because Trump says he took it doesn’t mean he took the same one everyone else has. We have NO idea what is in the vaccine because it is under EUA and they don’t have to tell us and it could very well be changing with every batch. But remember, the national guard handed out the vaccines under Trump….these could have all been placebos or very safe. Under Biden could very well be where all of the problems are happening….

  2. Kim Clement is deeply missed. He held GOD’S hand in his soul. Unknown to Kim, as to how many hearts he brought to our Father,
    That he has our rejoicing voices in our Thanks for God to touch so many thru Kim.
    Always with you and praise GOD for the time he made in spending your time with us.

  3. Donald Trump only got in the first time because the Democrats got cocky. They got lethargic. They have managed to make it so your votes do not count for two decades now. In California all they do is streamline the BS process and it was made quite clear the years I was an election officer how stupid the powers that be think the common person is. And most people are so busy trying to keep their families fed, and a roof over their heads, there isn’t time to question it. The corrupt government in power now is scared. They are scared people will actually read the documents we hold most dear as Americans. The Declaration of Independance, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. These documents say it is not only our right, but our duty to overturn and rebel against a corrupt government. Against tyrrany. They are long overdue to be over thrown and they are scared that the American people are going to realize it, and come together to destroy them as there is no system more corrupt then American Politicans. Especially the ones at the top. Who managed to bring not one impeachment, but two against a duly elected President of the United states. For charges that were stupid and silly on their face. Whereas the current joke we have occupying the White House now, he has made numerous moves that more then warrent an impeachment, yet no one has even tried. Afganistan is embarassing and will come back to bite us sooner or later, and it’s that pandering old fool in the Presidents chair that did it. Our country is really in trouble, and we are heading for a violent and horrible end if we don’t stand up together as a nation and put a stop to it. Race relations are worse then ever, which is odd because for a good 20 years we were nearly a color blind society. Now they want to actually put racism into the schools so they can keep us fighting with each other while they run our country into the ground. Donald Trump had us on an American track again, something to benefit American’s and American families. Now it’s American’s who believe it was Donald Trump who was the enemy, when things under Biden are so bad, they are stealing more then half of the money we make with the pain, sweat and tears of our body as ‘Taxes”. Pretty sure we didn’t used to stand for this sort of nonsense. It’s bad. And it’s only going to get worse, if we don’t do something to stop the fighting and come together. To stop heaping hate on our own country and own people (Which is a disgusting trend that makes me sick and should make everyone else who knows why a country with freedom . . . . even though the freedom part is more of an illusion since the government now dictates weither you can work or be admitted into businesses or stories without the vaccine.) There is so much ignorance in our country today. It will be the arcitect of our undoing.)

  4. Dear saints, I just wanted to share with you that I, too, was shocked when I first heard that Pres Trump was in favor of the vax. But I gained some perspective from a man who is responsible for bringing us intel updates about the current situation. His name is Phil Godlewski, and you can find his intel on Rumble. His most recent videos from around Christmas mention Trump and his words about supporting the vax. I do encourage y’all to check it out, as it does help you to think about the “why”. When Trump is having to do so much to keep the peace, as well as take out the truly evil people in this world, he has to make tough decisions. He is certainly not perfect, but I also believe he is called by God for a big mission.

    Here is the link for anyone that wants it.

    God bless you all.

  5. The reason that Trump pushed the vaccine . if he hadn’t we would be under mandatory lockdowns for who knows how long. People are finally waking up to the lies . The corona is just a cold, look on an older can of Lysol. it says that it kills corona germs.

  6. I live in Redding Ca where Kim Clement had given a prophecy about Donald J Trump becoming president. When I first heard about Kim I had reservations about prophesying due to the way de delivered the message as well as the type of music he used.
    So, I placed him on the back burner and went about my business.
    When I saw that 16 of the candidates for president were some what seasoned politicians, well versed in the ways of politics and yet Trump being the victor opened my eyes. I then resurrected Kim Clements video and listened intently. Made me a believer in modern-day prophets. Act_2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: Last days but not the end of days. The last of days references an end of a time period of days while in an end of days references the end of day times.. as in days no longer existing. The end of days of an era, the end of days of wars etc.
    We can not box God into a box of our limitations because God always works outside the box…on purpose. Faith then is the determining factor in the whole of it.

  7. Understanding real Sacrifice is now something we all can not only see, but truly feel. The sacrifice that President Trump and all of the great leaders Have made to Free not only we the people, but this country will be seen and felt for not only years, but in preserving history of this great land.
    Thank GOD for his chosen one… in Faith and courage to lead us all thru.

  8. I know in my heart that Kim Clement was right.. All the false claims about President Trump were shown to be incorrect, and his claims of innocence was corroborated by the Mueller Report that was both strengthened and weakened by the majority of lawyers who despised President Trump, but with the help of the FBI couldn’t find any of the false claims by Trump’s loyal opposition hadn’t so much of a leg to stand on. They cleverly ripped up their findings of innocence with the catch-22 phrase they used that it could be that something later could not be ruled out. Indirectly, that is a tarnish on the Judicial Department that was mirrored by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court denying to hear Trump’s case of proof that the election in 2020 was stolen. That refusal was a mistake because it teaches children that if something is too difficult to address, then don’t address the problem nor help solve and repair the damage of a serious wrong. That is the opposite of what the Bible teaches, which is to prayerfully address wrongs and see to it that right is done. I bless the memory of Kim Clement for bearing truthful witness and bearing criticism from people who do not know wrong from right. I am horrified that the error of craven behavior of a Chief Justice put the highest court at the top of that list of those who do not respect the difference of wrong from right. This is a nation of people who work hard and challenge themselves to be the best that they can be, whatever it takes. It is not being well-served by criminal decisions made by the opposition of President Trump who was close to bringing this world to the millennia of peace that is imminent when President Trump is rightfully put in charge of this nation as he should be right now. God chose him to bring this world to peace and back to brotherly love. If we have enough people dedicated to peace on earth, that can and will happen. I know that in my heart.

  9. I have found that this time we are in right now, that Kim prophesied about, co-insides with Washington’s vision at Valley Forge concerning the 3rd great trial facing our nation as well as other prophets in the last 70 years about this time in God’s plan not only for our nation but the glory of the Gospel to encompass the whole world prior to his return.
    As a retired RPh I have carefully watched this whole Covid mess play out and have steadfastly tried to keep people from getting the vaccine. I realize however that God is using this in one respect to uncover the corruption and reunite us as a nation. The story is not over yet but our God is in control. Don’t give up on Trump but realize is just a man like us being used mightily in God’s hand.

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