Kim Clement was recognized internationally as a modern-day prophet of God. When I went back and listened to prophecies given by Kim in 2007 – 2012, I noticed several things that stood out.
1.) He said Donald Trump was called by God to “Restore the fortunes of Zion.” Trump was the most pro-Israel president we ever had and his policies did more for the fortunes of Israel than anyone before. He was also the first foreign leader to recognize Jerusalem, the true “fortune of Israel,” as their eternal capital and moved our embassy there. This prophecy has come true.
2.) Kim also prophesied that people would say, “There are two presidents. How can this be?” Since the election, whether it is true or not, there have been many theories out there that the election was actually won by Trump and yet Biden got inaugurated, making him a fake president. Some are even referring to Mar-A-Lago as the Winter White House. Kim did not say there would BE two presidents, only that people would SAY there are. This prophecy has come true.
3.) Kim also said God called Trump His “David.” Hearing this, I started looking at the life of King David and discovered some striking similarities.
A.) First of all, David was not of the royal bloodline, which made him a political outsider, just like Trump. As an outsider, he gained great favor with the people of the land, but not with the royal household.
B.) David was called out and anointed to be king years before he came to the throne. Trump was also called out by prophecies as anointed to become president, also years before he was elected to office.
C.) King Saul tried to ruin him, even trying to kill him several times, but he not only survived, but thrived and the people rallied behind him. Trump has had one continuous attack trying to destroy him from the day he said he was running for office. There have even been attempts on his life.
D.) Once David was made King his immoral deeds were exposed, but God dealt with him and forgave him. Trump’s immoral deeds were also exposed, but the church leaders, instead of crucifying him, came to his side and helped him to receive forgiveness and the blessing of God. Neither of these men were disqualified to rule their land because of this. Both received the forgiveness and blessing of God.
E.) During King David’s reign, his own son, Absalom, tried to overthrow him and take his throne. So many people and military leaders followed Absalom, that David had to flee from Jerusalem and go across the Jordan river for safety. Absalom, got himself illegitimately declared king and reigned a short time as a fraudulent king. (Two Kings??)
F.) King David had people working behind the scenes to expose Absalom and take back the throne. The military leaders still loyal to him were able to turn the tide and regain Jerusalem and the throne for King David. David then refused to return to Jerusalem until the people asked him to come back and be their King again. Right now, we have  usurper in the White House, acting like he is king of America, handing out executive orders like a dictator. Our true leader is outside the political theater, but still very mush involved in what is happening. I believe there is coming a time when the people of America will rise up and demand the usurper president be removed and our legitimate POTUS returned to the Oval Office. No one knows the time, but I do not think for one minute that Donald Trump is finished.
4.) Kim Clement also prophesied that Trump would serve TWO TERMS. The left is doing everything they can to dishonor him, to bankrupt him, to discredit him, to prevent him from having any influence in the political arena. They will fail. Everything they do to him will only serve to unite a multitude of Americans in support of him. They will even try to kill him, but will not succeed. God is not finished with Donald J Trump yet. He is not our savior, but our savior is still using this man. Let us not be quick to jump ship.

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