I have been praying about everything that is going on with our nation right now and I believe I have heard from God about things that are going to happen.
In the days of Queen Esther, she was raised up for her time to be a leader and a savior to God’s people, so God gave her access to the king. Hamaan and his cohorts, who hated the Jews, were positioned in high places in the king’s court. They hated the righteous man Mordecai and started scheming for a way to eliminate Mordecai and all of the Jewish people. They got the king to issue a royal decree permitting them to kill all of them. It looked like it was all over for the people of God. Their enemies were going to kill them and there was nothing they could do to stop it. What they did not know is God is never caught unaware. He had another plan He had been working on for years. He had been positioning Esther right where she was for this very purpose. Even as Queen, Esther knew she could not win this battle in her own strength. She needed the wisdom and the power of God in order to save her people, so she called for her people to fast and pray. Their prayers reached Heaven and God started pulling down the strongholds of powers and principalities that were controlling things.  Hamaan and his evil plans were stopped. The enemies of God were defeated and their leaders hanged.
Today, because of the crises we find our nation in, the body of Christ has been coming together and praying more than they have in many years. Many are fasting, asking for God’s intervention in the current situation. Our God has a plan. He has been preparing a man for such a time as this. He has told us through His prophets this person was coming. This person is President Donald J Trump.  Since Donald Trump decided to run for President, he has had many of the church leaders around him. For 4 to 5 years he has had them meet with him often, laying hands on him and praying for the wisdom of God. He is fully aware that he cannot succeed without the wisdom and the blessing of God. Because of this, he has been a great friend to Israel and the Church, more than any president before him. He has blessed the church and Israel, so he also has been and will continue to be blessed.
From the day he announced his intention to run for office, the enemies of God have aligned themselves against him at every turn. Even in the face of all this opposition, he has turned this nation around. The greater his successes, the more they hate him and are even more determined to take him down. What they do not realize is this:  When you come against the anointed of God, you make yourself the enemy of God Himself.
This morning I was on my way to church, worshiping and praying for the service today, and God reminded me of the time when King David faced Goliath. To the armies of Israel, it looked completely hopeless, but God had already anointed a man to be His champion. He had been preparing David to face this giant and to become the next king of Israel. As I was thinking on this, I saw in my mind a man with a sling raised overhead, swinging it around his head, ready to release. I heard the voice in my mind saying, “David had 5 smooth stones in his arsenal, but it only took one.” In the Bible we have been called “living stones.” When we come together and pray, we become weapons in the arsenal of God.
Just as in the days of Esther in Persia and David in Israel, God has prepared a trap for His enemies. God has given President Trump and those he has gathered around himself a plan and if we just continue to pray, we will see the hand of God bring deliverance, President Trump will remain in office another 4 years, and the plans God has given him will confound his enemies, they will be discovered and the demonic strongholds influencing them will be silenced.
The anointed leader God has put in place has the spirit of King David and is swinging his sling around and around, waiting for the right moment to launch the first stone at the enemy. The giants we face today like to boast and brag and challenge the people of God, but they will fall. The enemies of God will be routed, their plans will fail and their leaders will be exposed as the frauds they are and they will fall. Just as Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal, with Ahab and Jezebel leading them, God will bring the victory in our situation today.
I must caution you to be aware that we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, so do not give in to the desire to hate the people involved. Pray for them. Through the love of Christ, many who have been deceived will come to salvation and there will be a revival in their ranks. God is more interested in saving their souls than punishing them, so keep the right spirit.
Wait for it. Do not lose heart. The Deep State infiltrators, who are fighting against God, will be exposed and be taken away. The influence they have over the public will be broken and the Church will rise triumphant.

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