The violence we see in our streets are not protests, but vicious riots. The real instigators of the violence have no regard for the injustices to blacks, or the inequalities of the races. They are working behind the scenes toward a different agenda of social upheaval. Down through history these same tactics have been used to destroy governments and nations. Communism, socialism and dictatorships in general are completely godless institutions that have no regard for the rights, or even the lives of the public. They only see us as parasites, sucking up the resources of the planet, resources they feel they alone are entitled to. We must learn the lessons the failures and disasters of history teach us or we will be destined to repeat them. We can never become complacent. We must remain diligent or the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted every day of our lives will be lost.

From the days of Caesar, to Atilla the Hun, Chiang Kai-Sheck, Alexander, Moussolini, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Stalin, Lenin, the Emperors of Japan, Kim Jun Un and many others have used social unrest, racial strife, financial collapse and any other perceived problem they can exploit to move a population closer to self-destruction.

Once this process is underway, their forces ove in for the fatal blow. The Bible says they will make the promise of peace and safety, but they will bring sudden destruction instead.

What happened to George Floyd is a tragedy, even though he was a career criminal with a history of violence. A free society should be able to trust their law enforcement officers to obey the law themselves. The officer in this case had a long history of brutality. He should have been taken off the force long ago, or slapped in prison for his past offenses. However, it suited the political agenda of the politicians in charge to keep cops like him in place. That way they can be assured of a fatal incident they and their mainstream media accomplices can turn into a social injustice outrage. Once started, it is an easy thing to bring in the groups on their payroll to fan the flames into a raging inferno of violence and destruction. Groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are fully supported and/or funded by the liberal leftists like George Soros, Ilham Omar, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and many, many others who want to see America turned into a communist country. I know they say socialism, but that is just another name for communism.

If you love your freedoms, wake up and stop listening to the liberal talking heads of the mainstream media. Start listening to those who love America and the freedoms she stands for. MSM demonizes people like Rush Limbaugh, Seam Hannity, Candace Owen, any anyone else who starts telling people the truth. Tyrrany can only exist in an atmosphere of lies and deceit. The light of truth will set people free if they will only listen to its call before it is too late. The United States is really the last stabd for these ideals in today’s world.

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