When it comes to the Covid-19 virus situation, there is a lot of conflicting information out there. We need to have a source for accurate, timely information about what is going on. I have heard that it was deliberately caused, that it came from bats, that it was spread in the flu vaccines, and that it was caused by our immune systems being weakened by the new 5G cellular service. At this point it does not matter where it came from. That is a matter to be dealt with after this mess is all over.
It would be really easy to get overcome by fear during this situation, so I will try to only give out information that comes from very reliable sources that has been confirmed from other reliable sources.
It has become clear that, when it comes to Covid-19, we are not being told the whole truth.  One of the things we have been told is the high numbers of people who have died from this virus.The problem with those numbers is that many people have a political agenda that would greatly benefit from having a high number of deaths from this “pandemic.” Doctors and other medical professional are starting to come out and tell how the numbers have been manipulated by including deaths that were not caused by Covid-19.
We are also led to believe this virus is quite lethal. However, new evidenced points to the FACT that it is not nearly as deadly as we have been told.
An article in Newsweek recently revealed these facts:
A new study done by Stanford in Santa Clara County has shown that, in that county, for every person who got sick with the virus, there are as many as 85 people who already have the antibodies to Covid-19 in their bodies. What that means is they were exposed to the virus and either did not even get sick, they had such mild symptoms they did not know it was the virus, or they thought it was just a cold or normal flu.
This is really good news for all of us. What this shows is IF you are exposed, you only have one chance in 86 that you will get sick. It also means that once you are exposed, you will have some degree of natural immunity to the virus. When a large part of the population has the antibodies to a particular disease, it is what they refer to as “herd immunity.” We have almost reached that point. Covid-19 will very soon fade away as a bad memory.
Unfortunately, politicians who desire to destroy the economy, ruin President Trump and bankrupt America, will never tell you the truth unless it helps their own evil agenda.
There are also drug companies that would love to make this the issue that would force us all to get their latest “vaccines” to pump up their profit margins. The big push for vaccines has a lot more to do with profits than with health. That is why there is so much deliberate disinformation out there about them.
There are also many politicians that want to force socialism, (communism lite) down our throats. Americans love their freedoms and will not give them up willingly, so they are always looking for very convincing reason for us to forfeit our rights. Reasons like a pandemic, terrorist threats, or financial crises.
Career politicians all around the world have one instinct during an emergency: to grab power. Communists and socialists have a motto that says, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” They will use this to move us further toward a communist America.
Once they gain that power, it’s rarely temporary, and it often has little to do with the situation at hand. They then proceed to create more agencies and more red tape, claiming that Big Government will prevent the next great threat, but it only makes things worse.
Ultimately it is up to us to keep our heads on our shoulders and use good common sense. I am not saying go on out there and expose yourself. Don’t go crazy with precautions either. Just do what you would normally do if you knew you were going to be around someone who had the flu. Stay safe, but do not let fear get you down. Our God has not given us a spirit of fear, but The Spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind.

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