I chose this image from NASA as the background for the cover on “You were on His mind” because it challenges the basic beliefs of how evolutionists believe the universe was formed. The more man explores the universe around us, the more our feeble attempts to explain it away as pure chance or accident are exposed as incorrect, at best. There is no way to explain the universe or the origin of life without including God as creator. All others are eventually shown to be wrong. God is truly Creator of all things and He knew each and every one of us before He made any of it. He knew those terrible things we did in our past. He even knows the situation you are going through right now, but He still chose to go to the cross for you and for me. Nothing we do or say can take Him by surprise. He is there for you now just as much as He was there for King David, or for Daniel, or for Lazarus. You can trust Him even now to get you through whatever it is you face today.


An article about this structure follows:

You were on His mind image
   According to a paper published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, an group of astronomers claim to have discovered what might be the largest structure in the observable universe. The enormous feature is comprised of nine gamma-ray bursts (GRB), forming a ring that streaks across some 5 billion light years through space.

“We were totally surprised…we did not expect to find it…it seems to undermine our established understanding of how the universe developed.”

   According to the cosmological principle, the structure of the universe theoretically limits its largest structures to 1.2 billion light years across. This new discovery pushes that limit nearly five-fold.
   The ring’s diameter stretches more than 70 times that of the full moon as seen from Earth. The GRBs each appear to be about 7 billion light years away, the probability that these features are positioned in this way by chance is just one in 20,000, according to lead author Professor Lajos Balazs from the Konkoly Observatory in Budapest.

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